Years Project Name Contractor
2007 Jaffrey-Rindge Middle S/Conant HS Eckman Construction Co., Inc.
2006 Health Education & Tech Center Eckman Construction Co., Inc.
2006 Londonderry Fire Department Bonnette, Page & Stone
2006 French Cross Road Water Treatment Plant Weststate Construction
2006 Hoyt Hall – Phillips Exeter Academy Fulcrum Associates
2005 Children’s Ctr – Phillips Exeter Academy Fulcrum Associates
2005 Senior Housing Facility – Gilford Vill. Bauen Corporation
2004 New Academic Building Bonnette, Page & Stone
2004 Hood Middle School Add. & Reno Eckman Construction Co., Inc
2003 St. Theresa’s Rectory North Branch Construction
2003 St. Theresa’s Church North Branch Construction
2003 Pembroke Safety Complex North Branch Construction
2003 Grace Capital Church Bonnette, Page & Stone
2003 Jefferson Pilot Financial Jefferson Pilot Financial
2003 Seacoast Pain Institute Hutter Construction Co., Inc.
2003 Families In Transition North Branch Construction, Inc
2002 Seacoast Volkswagen Bonnette, Page & Stone, Inc.
2002 Primex Office Building Eckman Construction Co., Inc
2002 Laconia Police Station Bonnette, Page & Stone, Inc.
2002 Laconia Fire Station Bonnette, Page & Stone, Inc.
2002 Primex Gas Relocation Eckman Construction Co., Inc


The following is a list of projects completed by Luc D. Girard Co., Inc. from 1977 thru 1988


YEAR                         PROJECT NAME                      CONTRACTOR                                                                     

    1977                                    Sanborn Regional School                                 Bonnette Page & Stone                        

    1978                                    Epsom Manor Nursing Home                        Trapper Brown Corporation                

    1979                                    Hillsboro High School Add.                            Trapper Brown Corp.                              

    1979                                    Crash Fire Station                                           Coakley Construction                                

                                                Pease Air Force Base

    1979                                    Alter Kitchen Bldg. #205                                Coakley Construction                               

    1979                                    Greenland Telephone Co.                               Ricci Construction                                     

    1979                                    Greenland Municipal  Center                         Coakley Construction                                 

    1980                                    Refuse Station                                                 Coakley Construction                                

                                                Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

    1980                                    Fiberdyn Bldg.                                                Trapper Brown Corporation                   

    1980                                    Greenland Fire  Station                                   Coakley Construction                             

    1981                                    Swimming Pool Complex                                Coakley Construction                             

    1981                                    Enlisted Men’s Quarters                                Maxam Corporation                                

    1981                                    Indian Head  Bank (Portsmouth)                    Donald Snyder Co.                                

    1982                                    Oxygen Gauge Prep. Room                            Sabia Construction                                   

    1982                                    Seabrook Elementary School                          Opecheee Construction                           

    1982                                    Northeast Fire Station (Manchester)              Donald Manter Co.                                    

    1982                                    P & S Coal Aircraft Hangar                            MacMillin Co.                                           

    1982                                    Grantham Elementary School                         Opechee Construction                               

    1982                                    Velcro USA                                                     MacMillin Co.                                         

    1982                                    Thomas Secretarial School                              Girard Management Co.                            

    1983                                    Gymnasium Addition                                     Sofforelli Group Inc.                                  

    1983                                    Barracks/Administration Bldg.                       Coakley Construction                                

                                                U.S. Coast Guard Station                              

    1984                                    Hampton Federal Post Office                         Griffin Construction                                  

    1984                                    Church of Latter Day Saints                           Coakley Construction                              

    1984                                    The Works Raquetball Club                           NorEaster Group                                     

    1985                                    Lamonde Shopping Mall Phase I                    Lamonde Inc.                                             

    1985                                    Lamonde shopping Mall Phase II                   Lamond Inc.                                             

    1985                                    Public Safety Complex (Plaistow)                  Bonnette Page & Stone                          

    1985                                    Robbins Auto Parts                                        A.W. Bourbeau & Son Inc.                         

    1985                                    Administrative Offices (londonderry)            A.W. Bourbeau & Son                               

    1985                                    Taurus Marketing (Hampton)                        J.T. Emerick                                               

    1985                                    Earl Little Bldg. Reno (Concord)                    Guimond Construction                            

    1986                                    Friendly Ice Cream Restaurant I                     MacLeod Brothers, Inc.                            

    1986                                    Friendly Ice Cream Restaurant II                   MacLeod Brothers, Inc.                             

    1986                                    Sunapee Central School                                  Monadnock Structures, Inc.                      

    1986                                    Bobcat - Chichester                                        Bobcat of Boston                                         

    1987                                    Seabrook Elementary School                          B.R.C. Corporation                                 

    1987                                    Missile Shop - Pease Air Force Base             C.C.M. Corporation                                  

    1987                                    Gunstock Expansion                                       Metricon                                                    

    1987                                    Neumarica Bank                                              Engel Constrcution Corporation                

    1987                                    Speakeasy (Yvette’s Restaurant)                   Raymond G. Mansour, Inc.                       

    1988                                    Lincoln Akerman School                                 CSI, LTD.